Amazing Results

"I have had the opportunity of getting several acupuncture sessions from Kimberly at York Classical Acupuncture and am amazed by the results in a short period of time. I have plantar fasciitis and was having pain at work never mind running. After my first five sessions the pain was GONE! I now get treatments about every two weeks and am able to run again. Kimberly is great!!"  

From Non-believer to Adherent

"For years I suffered shoulder pain and only a cortisone shot gave temporary relief, but did not heal. Kim began intensive therapy on my shoulder that has brought lasting relief. Not only did it deal with the intense pain, but it reversed my condition and the shoulder is self-healing after trauma. Kim is a wonderful practitioner who is interested in a person's wellbeing. She is very realistic and never makes unfounded claims. I am very confident in her application of acupuncture therapy."

Metastatic Cancer

"Metastatic cancer, back problems, extremities neuropathy. Kimberly is my guardian angel. She helps me through this disease."

Gifted and Generous Practitioner!

"I drive over 4 hours from northern Vermont to experience all of Kimberly's gifts. Kim is so reasonable and generous with her time. She is so thoughtful in her approach to each person. She often will do Cranial Sacral and Acupuncture during my visits which has been so powerful in my healing process. I am so grateful to have found Kim for helping myself and my Mom. York is so lucky to have her in their community. What an amazing GEM! With Gratitude!"

Miracle Worker

"I am a breast cancer survivor. As I was going through treatment I suffered from neuropathy kidney infection constipation hot flashes radiation burns yeast infection. But Kim was amazing everything she did worked: the acupuncture, her treatments, the special tea she gave me, the burn cream. Every symptom is gone... This woman is amazing I would highly recommend her services to anyone." 

Such a Great Experience

"My wife signed me up for acupuncture after years of heavy lifting had left me with sore spots and minor aches and pains. The whole experience from walking in the door to chatting on the way out was wonderful. Kim truly embodies the spirit of the practice taking you through each step and making sure you are aware not only of what is happening, but how it will help. That night I slept better than I had in months, and most of my pain was markedly diminished. A great experience overall."

York is Very Fortunate to Have Kim

"Kim is so very knowledgeable and professional. She is such a wonderful and caring individual. I began seeing Kim due to a broken bone and I believe her treatments healed me in record time. This week I sought relief after being stung by an entire nest of yellow jackets. You might think needles would not be a cure for stings, however Kim could not have been more gentle and helpful. As always, thank you Kim."

Acupuncture Works for Various Ailments and Conditions

"Kim has provided for me reliable and effective treatment for anything from plantar fasciitis, elbow joint pain, back pain. I feel relief from stress. Also, Kim is very knowledgable able other Chinese medicines that have helped me tremendously with indigestion, constipation, and trouble sleeping. I highly recommend acupuncture to anyone who will listen."

Stress Reducing Session!

"I have been way overdue for acupuncture with Kim… She offers so much comfort and reduces my stress, aches , pains - and then I go home and sleep like a baby! It's like a mini vacation for me, every time. Kim is so caring and gentle she is excels in her profession…I can't wait to go back.. Have no fear of needles now."

Worked on Right Shoulder.

"OMG!! I can move the shoulder so much better. Still a bit tight, and almost no pain. I am looking forward to continued work on the shoulder and knee. Thank you so much for your help, Kim. See you soon."

A Blessing!

"Both my daughter and I are treated by Kim and both have experienced significant improvements in health and well-being. Kim is kind yet professional, gentle yet knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment."

A True Find!

"My husband and I have been treated by Kim for almost one year. Some of our original issues have been dealt with and some are long-term but in every aspect Kim's knowledge and application of acupuncture and other treatments have been phenomenal. We look forward to our sessions where we are helped to learn to self-heal and also be handled with care, concern and professionalism."

Pain Relief and Overall Good Feeling

"Kim actively listens about your concerns and is extremely personable. Kim's office is very friendly and warm. My wife and I both utilize Kim's service and will continue."

Ongoing Accupunture

"Kim is excellent. She really listens and cares about the client needs. I have had great success with it."

First time acupuncture

"All over Inflammation. Provider was excellent. Very knowledgable and extremely generous! I would definitely recommend this treatment, service and provider to anyone interested in acupuncture."        


Perfect setting

"Kim makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in her office. I can't even begin to do justice to how much help she has given me. If you are looking for someone who cares about the whole being then you need to give Kim a visit."

Friendly, Comfortable

"The environment is very friendly and warm. It extremely personable and she takes her time to listen about your concerns and wants to shop you resolve them. Very knowledgeable and honest. I would recommend for anyone."

A pleasure as always

"Village Classical Acupuncture is warm and inviting. Kim is wonderful, treating me physically as well as emotionally. Teaching and explaining how the body works as a whole. We are blessed to have her here in the village of York."

A wonderful experience each and every time

"Village Acupuncture offers a relaxing, comfortable and welcoming experience. Kim is superb at what she does. Her services are highly recommended and we are very fortunate to have her right here in York."

Kim Really takes time to listen!

"I feel as though I have found someone who is qualified and capable of helping me find a better quality of life. Kim is very willing to work in conjunction with my medical Dr. and current medications, which I find Very comforting. I feel hopeful for the first time in a very long time. I recommend anyone considering acupuncture to go and talk to Kim."

Village Classical Acupuncture

"Kim is a very thoughtful caregiver. She listens very well to the patient's description of symptoms and tailors her treatments accordingly. She explains what she is doing and the background in Chinese medicine. I recommend her highly for anyone looking for acupuncture treatments."

Kim is just an " AMAZON soul/lady"

"I'm truly blessed to be able to find someone that actually brings change for me, in a physical, emotional and spiritual way! She really cares about the person and there concern! She has helped and continues to help me in my healing process! And when I leave I feel balanced, grounded and a sence of security that everything is ok! I'm lucky my client introduced me to her.. she was secure she could help I was reluctant! I'm glad I took a chance."

Life changing -- in 1 visit :)

"Kim is a gentle soul. She made me feel like she truly cared about my issues. I never went to acupuncture before. Kim took her time explaining each step of the treatment. I am very self conscious , with low self esteem , yet I felt " safe" and comfortable . I have already referred her to 3 other people and look forward to my next visit as this first one was so beneficial. I thought I had reached the end of the road... Kim guided me to another path:)"

Relaxing and gentle treatment

"I have less pain in my elbow than yesterday. I do plan to return for another session. I benfitted from Kim's very gentle demeanor and the office was relaxing and peaceful."

Wonderful new therapy for me.

"A very dear friend referred me to Kim and it has been terrific. Kim's ability to help heal or at least reduce my aches and pains have been gently dealt with. I always look forward to my next visit :)"

Relieved to be working with Kim to improve my health!

"I always feel better when I'm proactive about my health and work in partnership with my health care provider. Thank you to Kim for bringing your healing skills to my well being."

The best experience Kim is wonderful!

"She listens to you and takes in every bit of information you give her to come up with the best treatment plan. She's very warm and just pleasant to be around. I have been enjoying acupuncture and I'm just not sure my feelings would be so strong if I were going to someone else. She is very knowledgeable and it is evident that she truly has a passion for Chinese medicine. I highly recommend Village Classical Acupuncture!"

Great Healer

"Kim does a fantastic job listening to you, getting to know what you are experiencing, then treats the whole you. She is the most gentle, caring person you will ever meet. Truly professionally engaged in the well being of her clients. If you are looking for a great acupuncturist, look no further! Highly recommend her!"

Excellent with focus on the "Entire You"

"A wonderful experience. Kimberly provides exceptional Accupuncture services. She uses a variety of methods and individualizes each treatment. Kimberly provides a very calm and relaxing, professional atmosphere. Highly recommended."

Healing Experience

"Kim has been wonderful. The philosophy she works by is awesome. She brings holistic healing to a new level."


"Kim took the time to get to know me and what was stressing me out and then provided a really relaxing, therapeutic experience!"

Never Thought Acupuncture Was This Wonderful!

"I have osteoarthritis-This was the BEST thing I ever did for myself! Kim has helped me, not just my knees but the whole me,mind,body,soul.Kim tapped into my "meridians" that were carrying stress, and my grief over the loss of my mother.Kim is a rare spirit, who listens and loves her found path of helping people. You must go!"


"Kim is not only an acupuncturist but a great listener. She truly cares and treats the whole person. I would and do recommend her to mant people."

Wonderful Experience

"Kim was wonderful. She made me feel very welcome and I felt well taken care of. She is very sincere and kind. A true gentlewoman."

The Best Acupuncturist

"Kim is absolutely fantastic! I can't say enough about the treatment I received, the total picture she gets about your life in order to help you have a better quality of life, her kindness, friendliness and she is easy to talk to. One treatment made a huge difference in my life. She is very professional and its a calming office. I thoroughly enjoyed my treatment, thank you Kim!"

Village Classical Acupuncture

A very happy and calming place. Kim is very caring in her profession. Especially, in how she ask me questions and understood the reasons why I went for acupuncture. I would recommend Kim if you are wanting to try acupuncture.

Village Classical acupuncture

"Kim is very sensitive and caring. I truly enjoyed my first visit with her and have another appointment scheduled. I would recommend her to anyone needing acupuncture for any reason. She is very professional and does her job well."

Village Classical Acupuncture

"My first time ever. Village Classical was recomended to me and I am so pleased with Kim. She is professional and also sensitive.She is really concerned and truly dedicated to her profession."

First time

"This was my first time ever having acupuncture done and Kim was amazing! She made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. I'm hoping my treatments can help my debilitating migraines and we've set up a great plan to start. Look forward to my further treatments and hopefully some successful results!! Highly recommend Village Classic Acupuncture."

. . .